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Wildlife Rescue & Protection Inc (WRAP) is a network of DELWP registered wildlife shelters, carers and rescuers operating across Gippsland.

WRAP was established to :

a) Provide expert care for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife and enable successful release.

b) To rehabilitate native wildlife in accordance with the relevant government criteria.

c) To provide a wildlife rescue, communication and information network.

d) To foster community awareness and appreciation of the intrinsic value of native wildlife and their habitat.

e) To encourage and support a high standard of knowledge and expertise within the wildlife shelter system.

f) To work in collaboration with like organisations for the benefit of native wildlife and their habitat.

WRAP is 100% voluntary and is fully funded by the generosity of public donations.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible and are fully dispersed toward the care of our native wildlife.  WRAP's donations are monitored by an independent executive committee and are subject to an annual audit and accountability to the Department of Environment & Heritage.  This ensures that all funds are utilised for the wellbeing of our precious wildlife.